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Ealaionta Design

Express Yourself Through Artful Imagery

Seana Dowling-Guyer

Seana Dowling-Guyer: Ealaionta sounds like “al-ee-enta” and means artful in Irish. Many of my designs focus on nature, flowers, and animals, and our connection to the natural world. I like combining my digital art with my photography to create something truly unique. Zazzle has over a thousand different products so you can find cards, coasters,¬†coffee mugs, wine glasses,¬†household items like wine charms and trays, phone cases, charging stations, notebooks and journals, and many, many more products with my designs on them.

One really cool thing about the Zazzle platform is the ability to personalize items, if designers allow, so you can change text messages, fonts, colors, and even add or remove elements. All of my designs give you this ability. The other cool thing about Zazzle is that you can transfer designs so if you love a design but want it on a different product, you the customer can transfer it. This doesn’t always work out well, sometimes designs are better on some products than others. But you can always contact the designer for help. I’ve helped a few friends do this and the products looked great. 

I hope people can find something that expresses some part of their personality, interests, and passions in an artistic, imaginative way.

Instagram: @ealaiontadesign ; Pinterest: @ealaiontadesign